June 15, 2011

Label Adhesives and your choices

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After you’ve had your label made, the next clear step is to actually apply it to your product, and that comes with an entirely new set of problems. These days, there are lots of different label adhesive options, and in most cases, you have to know what you’re looking for before you ever even have the label printed.

Many of today’s labels are attached to your product with pressure sensitive adhesives, and there are several different kinds available. The benefit of this type of labeling is that it doesn’t usually require heat or other specialized processes to apply it, so it’s ideal when you’re just getting started.

The first type of pressure sensitive adhesives is permanent. These are designed so they can’t be removed without actually tearing the label, and these are great if you’re looking for solid adhesion the first time.

Peelable labels are also an increasingly common type of pressure sensitive adhesive. Here you get a strong hold, but the label itself can be removed without any serious tearing or scraping. These days, you see lots of custom printed bath and body labels as well as candle labels employing this technology.

Ultra-peelable is another adhesive you may want to consider if you have a fairly sensitive product. These ensure no residue is left behind, and while they will stay on your product initially, they probably won’t stick to anything once they’ve been removed for the first time. If you have a product that is subject to frigid conditions, you’ll need a frost fix label adhesive. While typical permanent adhesives will stick to -10 degrees Celsius, this variety will stick to negative forty degrees.

Labels made for products that tend to be in rough or grimy conditions most often employ high tack adhesives. It grabs the surface of your product even if it’s rough or dirty, and it rarely lets go.

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