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Custom Lotion Labels

At, we’re leaders in producing the highest quality custom lotion labels, shipped in as low as 24 hours. Call 877-522-3524 now to speak to a lotion label specialist and secure limited-time, free shipping on your first order.

Why is a Leader in Custom Lotion Labels?

We create the best custom lotion labels possible by pairing our individualized client service with cutting-edge technology, including the newest digital, flexo, offset, foil stamping, and screen printing presses as well as fully automated manufacturing and processing. We have years of experience in branding lotion labels that are both visually dynamic and effective in terms of increasing your product sales.

How Does Help You Sell More of Your Products?

We’re staffed with marketing, branding, graphic design, and support specialists who are handpicked to provide you with superior one-on-one client service. We know that it’s very important to have your product stand out from the crowd and we pride ourselves on getting your labels to you when you need them, which is why we can expertly print and ship in as low as 24 hours.

Call us now at 877-522-3524 and ask for a free consultation with one of our label branding specialists. We will provide you quick pricing over the phone and get your order in immediately.

The Leaders In Custom Printed Product Labels.
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Cosmetic Labels
According to our research and years of experience we've found that most clients are looking for the custom “no label” look. To facilitate the growing demand we carry a wide variety of different clear labels. Call and talk about your custom cosmetic labels today!
Foil Printed Labels
Custom Foil Printed Labels have been a favorable printing process in many industry for years. White and yellow foil imprinting is an inexpensive alternative to screen printing. You can print white or yellow foil on clear poly for an opaque imprint Call now for information on custom foil printed labels!.
Custom Shampoo Labels
Your Custom Shampoo label is going to tell potential consumers a lot about your product. It informs your customer of your shampoo’s cosmetic benefits, presents your brand identity, and of course gives directions for use.
Soap Labels
Decoratively label your beautiful new custom soap product with your colored logo and text. We can print your beautiful new soap label to have in your hands in up to 24 hrs!!! Call today and ask how!
Lotion Labels
Custom Lotion Labels have never been more easy to order. With our over the phone consultations and step by step help, you will have your custom lotion labels in what seems like no time! Call today to hear about all of your options for custom lotion labels!
Custom Wine Labels
Full and spot color wine labels are available with thousands of stock and custom dies available, try adding foil or a blind emboss to really make your wine label stand out from the rest. Call to speak with a branding specialist toady!
Beer Labels
Whether you’re a home brewmaster or a large brewery, your custom beer bottle label tells a story, it lets people know what went into making the beer, what was used in your brew and shows the consumer who you are. By creating professional, personalized beer bottle labels you are representing your brand.
Custom Static Cling Labels
Static Cling labels use a static charge in place of an adhesive to cling to windows and other hard surfaces. We offer Static Cling labels in both white and clear materials with no limitations on colors and we can laminate them to make them waterproof.
Custom Full Color Labels
We are leaders in running full color printed labels. We run full color labels digitally, flexography and off-set depending on your project. We can run full color labels on any material and coat it with uv varnish or lamination.
Hot Stamp Labels
Custom Hot and Cold stamps are available, almost the same process as foil stamping this heated foil to stick to particular parts of your label leaving inks and paper still showing, if preferred.
Bottle Labels
Regardless of your custom bottle size we have a label that will fit your needs. When calling to ask about custom bottle labels, make sure to measure your custom bottle to see what size label you need.
Waterproof Labels
Our custom waterproof labels are great for outdoor application as well as cosmetic and other uses. A layer of water proof lamination is applied to your label to protecting from rain sleet and snow!
Custom Embossed Labels
Raise your printing to the next level with embossing. weather you choose blind embossing or embossed foil labels, this special effect will give your product or promotion the upscale look it deserves!
Clear Labels
We have many options when it comes to custom clear labels. Like most manufactures we have the standard Clear Polypropylene, unlike most company's we have a super crystal clear poly which his great for the no label look!
Custom Candle Labels
There is a lot more to a candle’s label than meets the eye. Although it may not cost much, the label is a very important to the customers sub conscious, if you have a low quality label, it effects the product's perceived quality.
Tamper Evident Labels
Security and Tamper evident labels protect your products from fraud and counterfeit. We offer tamper proof labels such as silver void labels, checkered pattern labels and Destructible Vinyl labels.
Shrink Sleeve Labels
This new type of printing is really amazing, Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels raise the bar and make a product stand out above all the rest. We have been printing Shrink Sleeve both full color digitally and Flexo for years, our expertise come from experience in the business.
Custom Bumper Stickers
Our Custom Bumper Stickers are printed on durable white vinyl with the option of UV lamination to protect against the sun's rays and prevent fading of colors.
Mascara Labels
Custom Labels for a Mascara product is not as difficult of a task as you may think. With branding specialist standing by waiting for your call today we will walk you though the ordering process step by step to make your custom label ordering experience easy and painless.