Custom Foil Labels

At Label Choices, we?re leaders in producing the highest quality custom foil labels, shipped in as low as 24 hours.

Foil Labels: Custom Printed or Foil Stamped

We offer two different types of Foil Labels depending on your budget, your application and the look you are trying to achieve. The most affordable printed foil label is the foil label with regular printing and the most high end look is the Shiny Foil stamping on any label stock.

1) Foil Printed Labels:

The most affordable Foil label with regular printing on it is when we print traditional inks on Foil stocks. The paper foil stocks to choose from are Shiny Gold Paper Stock, Dull Gold Paper Stock, Shiny Silver Paper Stock and the Dull Silver Paper Stock. The weatherproof, waterproof and showerproof foil stocks to choose from are brushed Silver Polyester, Matte Silver Polyester and Shiny Silver Polypropylene. You can print any color or number of colors on any of the foil labels.

2) Foil Stamped Labels:

The most high end foil label look is Foil Stamping. Foil Stamping is not a traditional ink but a special printing process that gives it a foil type high end look. Clients who typically choose foil stamping want a more quality look that pops. We are one of the few label companies in the country to offer such a wide choice of foils, such as Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Black Foil, White Foil, Blue Foil, Light Blue Foil, Orange Foil, Pink Foil, Purple Foil, Copper Leaf Foil, Red Foil, Green Foil, Teal Foil and Yellow Foil. We can foil stamp on any label stock, including on clear poly and super crystal no label look clear. We can do a combination of regular inks with foil stamping, such as the ingredients of the label being printed as a regular ink. We can do a combination of foil stamping with embossing.

And for both the foil printed labels and the Foil Stamped labels we offer Matte Lamination or Shiny Lamination to protect the inks and make them semi water resistant or weatherproof/waterproof depending on the label stock you choose.

Custom Foil Stamp Labels?

Is your product worthy of the gold medal? Is it even more valuable ? worthy of platinum? Shouldn?t your customer know that at the first glance?

Label Choices knows exactly how to make that message ring out loud and clear. With foil stamp labels, your product can shimmer and shine like the all star that it is!

Making it Shine

Foil stamping is an excellent way to give your product a little touch of class. These special labels come in a variety of colors, but always have the added shine that only foil can give to it.
With the wide variety of text options and a very skilled design team, you are sure to get a label that will speak volumes about the worth of the product within.

Whether soap or soda, beer or beeswax, we can make the perfect label that will draw in the potential customer each and every time.

Call us now at 877-522-3524 and ask for a free consultation with one of our label branding specialists. We will provide you quick pricing over the phone and get your order in immediately.