Embossed Labels

At Label Choices, we?re leaders in producing the highest quality custom embossed labels, shipped in as low as 24 hours. Call 877-522-3524 now to speak to an embossed label specialist and secure limited-time, free shipping on your first order.

Why is Label Choices a Leader in Custom Embossed Labels?

We create the best custom embossed labels possible by pairing our individualized client service with cutting-edge technology, including the newest digital, flexo, offset, foil stamping, and screen printing presses as well as fully automated manufacturing and processing. We have years of experience in branding custom embossed labels that are both visually dynamic and effective in terms of increasing your product sales.

How Does Label Choices Help You Sell More of Your Products?

We?re staffed with marketing, branding, graphic design, and support specialists who are handpicked to provide you with superior one-on-one client service. We know that it?s very important to have your product stand out from the crowd and we pride ourselves on getting your labels to you when you need them, which is why we can expertly print and ship in as low as 24 hours.

Label Choices?s custom embossed Labels can be printed on any material, size, color and shape. All these choices are designed to give you the identity you need to grow your brand. Embossed labels gives your label a raised look and feel. If you need it to be water/weatherproof, do not choose embossed labels. Embossed labels can not be coated with a lamination because of its special unique printing process. If you want the great professional look and need it to be water/weather proof, choose a Foil Stamp label that we can laminate. Lamination is needed to protect the ink from rubbing off and it also gives it a shinier look.

Custom Embossed Labels come in different colors, such as custom Embossed Gold labels and custom Embossed Silver Labels. And you can even upgrade for a more professional look by adding a shiny Foil stamp, such as shiny Gold and Silver Foil Stamp.

Call us now at 877-522-3524 and ask for a free consultation with one of our label branding specialists. We will provide you quick pricing over the phone and get your order in immediately.